Why don’t you see white dog poo anymore?


Because most dogs don’t eat bones anymore.


In the past it was common for dogs to be fed bones.

There’s lots of calcium in bones, and therefore in the resulting dog poo.

As vet James Glover explains: “White, chalky stools are often an indication of a high level of calcium in the diet, such as eating bones or having a wholly raw diet.”

Dog poo which starts out brown may turn white, as the organic matter can break down or be washed away by rain – leaving the calcium behind.

It is also claimed that dog food used to be bulked out using chalk.

There are other possible reasons for white dog poo, such as parasite infestation.

It could also mean your dog is a ghost, though this seems unlikely.

Another major reason you don’t see white dog poo anymore is that many countries now have strict rules requiring dog owners to pick up after their pets.

Most owners think it’s their responsibility to bag it and bin it. Some don’t bother.


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